Drive sustainable change and achieve dramatic results. 
Initiate the kind of change you can stick with-and build upon-with global consulting strategies from GP Strategies. Count on solutions that typically deliver a 5- to 33-fold return on investment.

Operational Excellence

GP Strategies’ Operational Excellence Practice offers consulting, training, coaching, and hands-on implementation, ensuring the right mix of tools and systems to help you and your supply chain, design and deploy an initiative, achieve dramatic results, and sustain culture change. With offices around the world, we help your organization globally, while working locally.

What sets GP Strategies apart is our drive to help you create a business operating system that sustains your continuous-improvement culture. We start by helping you choose the right mix of disciplines to improve operations from methodologies such as Lean, Six Sigma, and Reliability Excellence/Total Productive Maintenance.

Tools are not enough, however. The missing ingredient in most improvement initiatives is a strong management system. So GP Strategies helps you apply systems that allow you to develop an enduring culture of waste elimination, variability reduction, and innovation.

Drive sustainable change through our focused disciplines.

Your culture, goals, and needs are unique. GP Strategies has proven experience in operational excellence with a broad range of disciplines and can optimize a solution to match your needs through a mix of:

  • Lean—GP Strategies helps you transform critical operations. Your front-line people and their managers will gain a deep understanding of the principles and tools of Lean.
  • Six Sigma—We provide coaching, modular training, and certification for sponsors, process owners, Master Black Belts, Black Belts, and Green Belts, covering statistical tools, leadership, and problem solving skills.
  • Lean Six Sigma—GP Strategies integrates Lean and Six Sigma to reduce cycle time and variability, with a structured approach to the analysis, understanding, and improvement of processes.
  • Reliability excellence—Our system combines maintenance and reliability practices with Lean principles. We provide training for front-line people and managers, along with hands-on implementation.
  • New product development—GP Strategies offers modular courses on practical tools and techniques for integrating the new product development process, from concept to design, and from development to manufacturing.
  • Leadership and management—We help leaders learn the foundations of management systems so they ensure that gains are sustained.
  • Supply chain development—We work with you to assess your suppliers’ performance, and plan and deploy a supplier improvement initiative to align your operational, transaction, and organizational processes.
  • Rapid improvement events—Your leaders and staff begin solving problems immediately, while they are learning the necessary concepts and tools to achieve operational excellence.
  • Enterprise readiness assessment—Our comprehensive assessment will help you outline the path to achieve your business goals and define readiness to implement a new process improvement methodology.

Benefit from our robust approach.

Whether it is a complete business transformation or a focused project, GP Strategies’ robust approach helps you define opportunities, set priorities, mobilize, improve performance, develop leadership, and create a culture that strives for excellence. We help you deploy goals from top to bottom, and develop a daily management process to sustain your improvements. The net result is a sustainable transformation.

Gain measurable results and a rapid ROI.

GP Strategies’ methods have helped our clients from prestigious companies achieve a 5- to 33-fold return on consulting fees and quantum-leap improvements in key performance indicators and culture change.

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