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GP Strategies’ Operational Excellence Practice has helped Fortune 100 companies develop effective supply chain development initiatives, and we know the key design considerations and tradeoffs. Our Supply Chain Development model helps you integrate operational, transactional, and organizational processes for streamlined performance:

supply chain model

Discover how GP Strategies can help you improve effectiveness.

Supply chain optimization ensures the right product is available when it is needed, where it is needed, and in the right quantity without excess inventory or extraordinary efforts such as expediting in the supply chain.

To help you develop a lean supply chain, GP Strategies works with your procurement, operations, supply chain, and quality groups to assess the processes through which you interact with suppliers; assess individual supplier’s performance; establish performance improvement targets, strategies, and plans; and provide coaching and training support to transform opportunity into reality.

GP Strategies has enabled organizations to optimize the design and performance of suppliers, the processes that connect them, and the internal and external logistics processes through which they deliver.

You can count on GP Strategies to:

  • Develop and deploy supplier scorecards or design and implement a supplier assessment process/program
  • Customize program design, training, and deployment plans
  • Facilitate deployment of your supply chain improvement initiative
  • Monitor and coach your supply chain improvement organization
  • Implement a cost reduction program across your supply chain
  • Develop internal and external logistics planning
  • Improve warehouse layout and process design
  • Develop material presentation, packaging, and distribution design
  • Provide direct supplier support

We can also help you improve your supply chain’s performance using a blend of Lean, Lean Six Sigma, and Reliability Excellence disciplines customized to fit your organization’s needs. Our tailored approach can help you achieve:

  • Improved supplier quality and just-in-time delivery
  • A stronger supply chain linked by a Lean pull system
  • Better supplier order fulfillment for critical supply chains

See the kind of results you could achieve.

GP Strategies’ Supply Chain Development discipline helps critical suppliers embrace Lean to:

  • Reduce flow time 50%, equipment changeover 45%-90%, and WIP 50% among typical suppliers
  • Shorten flow time from 35 to 15 days and reduce inventory by 45% with 100% on-time delivery within critical supply chains
supply chain

Drive supply chain results through our robust approach.

GP Strategies’ robust approach helps you and your suppliers implement Operational Excellence by:

  • Following our pathway to excellence
  • Customizing a solution for your organization
  • Training and developing your people
  • Developing your business operating system
  • Focusing on rapid return on your investment

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